Rise up, Awakened, and take back what is rightfully yours!
What gave me the idea for the game?
The core idea for the game came to me when I was playing one of the modern Hitman episodes. Alongside sneaking around, Agent 47 also had to wear other NPC's clothes, essentially becoming that person, to get through the obstacles. So I wondered: what if he literally transforms into that person? Because of this, the main inspiration for the gameplay of Enslaved was: sneaking, infiltrating, and killing silently.
What is "The First One"?
Enslaved: The Awakening - The First One is a prelude story for the main game. It's shorter and has limited RPG elements, but the story is just as exciting as the main games will be.
Who is my target audience?
In case you like the slower kind of gameplay, where you must wait for certain things to progress further, alongside multiple twisted stories, with a drop of horror, then this game is for you.
The infiltration happens by the alien - who is controlled by the player - enters the chosen host, and with different methods, indirectly controls them. For example, the player can cause the host to have nausea, paranoia, or can cause hallucinations to appear. The alien's abilities that the player can use are dependent on a card-based system. The player needs to make a deck, from which the game will draw them a certain number of cards that can be used up by spending nutrient points. But from nutrient points, the player can also evolve the alien, because of which the player will have to reach their goal by using only a few abilities.
Azazel's signal
Azazel, the first Awakened arrives on a planet called "Earth" in hopes of finding a new home, but after landing, he doesn't send any signal. The planet is deemed unfit for life, and the whole expedition is almost forgotten. After 30 years, a strange, weak signal arrives from the unexplored parts of space: a signal from Azazel's ship. The Awakened Council sends a strong, fully matured lizard, Raguel, to search for the source of the signal. You control him as you arrive on the planet, where the current year is 1952, going by what the locals say. You must find the source of the signal, and while doing so, maybe you will uncover what has happened with Azazel, the prophet of your people.
Your goal
The game and its prelude are story-oriented, but these stories can have a wide variety of endings. The player's goal is to reach one of those endings, while his choices define his path. These choices naturally become part of the gameplay, most of the time the different paths are reached depending on what side-quest the player does, how they do it, and who they help or leave behind.